Find all the exhibitors of the ADDITIV Aerospace event. On each floor*, you will be able to exchange with the entire value chain of additive manufacturing whether it be 3D equipment manufacturers, materials manufacturers, software publishers, printing services or resellers. Exhibitors are classified by floor and table number (from 1 to 9). Sponsors are present on each floor.

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Formlabs solutions are the first choice of engineers, designers, manufacturers and decision makers worldwide. Formlabs offers Form 3, Form 3B and Form 3L printers, using the Low Force Strereolithography (LFS) process ™.

When Materialise was founded in 1990, our goal was to enable new uses for the potential that 3D printing offers. Since then, we have leveraged our experience to create a range of software solutions and 3D printing services.



INTAMSYS 3D Printing All-in-One Solutions bear the ambition to make our future life fully customizable thanks to the Additive Manufacturing Industry. Meeting the most demanding industrial standards, INTAMSYS 3D Printers are optimized for applications in industries such as Aerospace.

Table 3 / 1st Floor


Materialise incorporates 30 years of experience into a range of software solutions and services, which form the backbone of the 3DP industry. Our solutions enable players in aerospace improve efficiency while meeting stringent quality standards.

Table 7 / 1st Floor


Link3D acts as an operating system enabling businesses to scale their additive manufacturing infrastructure. Third party enterprise systems can integrate into the Link3D platform on-premise, private cloud or Link3D's secure cloud.

Table 9 / 1st Floor


InssTek offers new and wide range solutions to leverage operational effectiveness for customers
and user-friendly environment to provide customized 3D metal printing process from design to manufacture products with its software such as MX-OS and Magics.

1st Floor 

Table 1 / 2nd Floor


3D Alliances is a consulting company that supports the world's most innovative 3D printing companies to expand their business globally, and the mother company of 3D Evaluate - an evaluation platform for industrial 3D printing solutions.

Table 4 / 2nd Floor


9TLabs offers a manufacturing solution that leverages the latest developments in 3d printing, software and aerospace-grade materials to make performance parts easily accessible. Customers will benefit from lighter, longer-range, and more robust aircraft structures at scale.

Table 7 / 2nd Floor


AMFG helps companies achieve autonomous additive manufacturing with the industry's leading MES workflow software.

Table 2 / 2nd Floor


Orbital Composites' solution is robotic automation, which offers advantages at the fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing systems, including scalability, and complex 3D printing on curves. 

Table 5 / 2nd Floor


LISI AEROSPACE AM is the LISI Group entity that specializes in metal 3D printing technologies. A recognized player in the aeronautics, defense and space markets, LAAM brings the industrial excellence of the LISI Group to additive manufacturing.

Table 8 / 2nd Floor


Authentise provides advanced MES software to track and organize your additive manufacturing operation from pre- through post-production using a modular, highly-secure, flexible, expandable and open software system approach.

Table 3 / 2nd Floor


Creaform is a worldwide leader and pioneer in 3D measurement solutions for a wide range of industries, including the aerospace sector. Our proven track record in aerospace covers the entire spectrum of the needs of manufacturers and MROs in the field.

Table 6 / 2nd Floor


Vision Miner specializes in High-Temp materials like PEEK, ULTEM, and more, highly applicable to aerospace.






Table 9 / 2nd Floor


Erpro Group is the leader in France in the field of additive manufacturing and plastic injection, small and large series. Spread over 5 production sites in France, we address all business sectors including the aerospace sector

2nd Floor

Table 1 / 3rd Floor


BCN3D Technologies is one of the leading Spanish and international manufacturers of professional 3D printing solutions,  reaching more than 60 countries. Its main clients include Seat, BMW, NASA, Camper, and the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona

Table 4 / 3rd Floor

Software develops & distributes an AI-based perfecter that identifies the intended use of 3D parts and recommends printing parameters to ensure that additive manufacturing works — always.

Table 7 / 3rd Floor


AMBOTS is a tech startup based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, developing Swarm 3D printing. This involves breaking 3D printers out of their rectangular boxes, attaching printer on mobile autonomous robots.

Table 2 / 3rd Floor


Thanks to a continuous research and analysis process, 3tnr develops 3D printing systems precise and reliable for industry, which guarantee maximum freedom of production even on the most complex markets.

Table 5 / 3rd Floor


3D in Metal is an additive manufacturing service bureau and equipment distributor, focused exclusively on metals. We specialize in solid-state technologies for industrial applications and cutting-edge equipment for R&D.

Table 3 / 3rd Floor


Mark One is a one-of-a-kind Italian startup that produces customized 3D printers and takes care of the entire production process.

Table 6 / 3rd Floor


Addcomposites provides a 100x cost-effective solution for additive manufacturing for the production of space-grade composites structures. Simple plug-n-play operation enables 1st-day production. Multiple TRL-7 installations completed in EU and NA.

3rd Floor

Table 2 / 4th Floor


TOffeeAM is specialized in designing software that optimises  engineering component to maximise its performance. It is specialised in fluid-structure generative design, with applications in heat exchangers, valves and robust systems.

Table 5 / 4th Floor


At Smart Materials 3D we are dedicated to design, develop and manufacture 3D printing filaments. We have a special brand that is being used already in the Aerospace sector called INNOVETFIL.

Table 8 / 4th Floor


The 3D Printing Store was founded in 2013 to bring the technology to a large audience. We set out to make 3D Printing accessible. We work with many companies in the Aerospace sector as they continue to push the envelope with design and materials.

Table 3 / 4th Floor


Impac Additive 3D offer services that can assist printing needs with highly precise parts in as little as a few days. Monochrome, metal and full color 3D printing, as well as post-processing are some of the services provided.

Table 6 / 4th Floor


The Identify3D technology suite protects the integrity of manufacturing data in digital manufacturing by providing intellectual property protection, usage control, manufacturing repeatability, and traceability.

Table 4 / 4th Floor


Tethon 3D is revolutionizing ceramic additive manufacturing with a wide range of technical ceramic materials for DLP, SLA and binder-jetting platforms. The affordable Bison 1000 desktop DLP printer is optimized for ceramics and metals.

Table 7 / 4th Floor


Tobeca is a custom 3D printer manufacturer based in France. We design and build printers in accordance to our clients to match their needs.

4th Floor

Table 1 / 5th Floor

Material Analysis

ELEMCA is a private lab (Toulouse, FR). We provide NDT (Xray CT-scan) and physical analysis to AM manufacturers + OEMs (AIRBUS, THALES, SAFRAN).

Table 4 / 5th Floor


Electroimpact is one of the world's leading suppliers of aerospace automation and tooling. We also manufacture 3d printers and automated fiber placement machines for composite aerostructures.

Table 2 / 5th Floor


In 2012, the company eMotion Tech quickly found success by producing 3D printers for educational purposes. Since 2018, eMotion Tech has been developing industrial solutions and has established itself as a key player in the French market.

Table 5 / 5th Floor


For over 23 years, rpm - rapid product manufacturing GmbH (rpm) has provided functional prototypes and small series production for plastic parts in series 1 to 10,000. #DLS #SLS #SLA #InjectionMolding #PAMolding

Table 3 / 5th Floor


We are a contract manufacturer to the most innovative companies and individuals that seek to produce the highest quality products at the most cost effective price and process. Detroit 3D Manufacturing designs, prototypes, and manufactures components.

5th Floor